Hogue inc 1 year ago

Worked as a Magento Developer. Module development / Checkout changes / Bug fixing / Maintenance / Security patch upgrades.

Overview: Bagatella boutique is a Magento eCommerce application where the customers can purchase the products and can register as a Consignor and can sell their products. Also, the system provides the way to manage their accounts and products. It is a customized Marketplace multivendor system for high-end fashion accessories.

Requirement Specifications: 1.Migration from M1 to M2 2. Design the M2 website from the Scratch based on the M1 website and more additions. 3.Customization of Seller process.

Technologies PHP 7, Magento 2.2.x,Percona, Elastic Search 6.2.x, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Varnish, Redis

Features: Reasons for Migration from M1 to M2, ● Scalability and enhance performance. ● Image compression. ● Dashboard. ● Simpler product upload. ● Migration Tool. ● Ajax adds to cart. ● Cheaper & easier extension updates. ● Inbuilt CSS and js minification. ● Analytics and tracking. ● Inbuilt FPC(Full page cache).

+4 years experience with magento maintenance and support of live stores, all sorts of tasks. Magento project development, working with magento 2 since 2016 onward.

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