WASD Keyboards 1 year ago

Full migration from a Magento 1 instance to a brand new Magento 2 Open Source

Stran Commerce 1 year ago

Maintenance work performed on StranCommerce, which is a multi website Magento 2 Open Source. This project includes several third party integrations, ERP and connections with SSO.

I work closely with the Community Engineering team to tackle hard to find bugs and core enhancements.

Offroad Power Products 11 months ago

Built entire frontend structure with a custom Magento 2.2 theme extending the blank theme. Added bootstrap and custom jQuery functions. Built front end of a custom year make, model module. Customized layered navigation.

Creating a full SSL Docker Magento 2 local development environment. The server stack is Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB + Varnish. This environment allows me to quickly setup a reliable development environment running on any https:// development url, and with any possible server setup (e.g. PHP version) . This allows me to develop in an environment which is almost identical to the production server of a project.

Magento 2 Delete Account 11 months ago

Following the EU's GDPR law, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Delete Account extension that lets the customers delete their account and its details permanently from the Magento 2 store! 

Easing the task of admin, the Magento 2 Delete Account extension eliminates the process of ticket request and process for customer account deletion. The customer has to navigate to "My Account" section and request for deleting the account. The delete account confirmation link will be received in an Email which ensures that only the verified customer can delete the account. On clicking this link, the account will be deleted permanently.

Security enhancements and improved customer experience is what makes the module worth it!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Delete Account extension:

  • Enable or disable the extension from the backend.

  • Admin can set the Email sender.

  • Admin can select template for delete account confirmation Email sent to customers.

  • Customers can request Magento 2 customer account delete by checking "Delete My Account" and clicking submit button from their "My Account" section.

  • Once the delete account request is sent, customers get delete account confirmation Email to their registered Email ID to confirm permanent removal of their Magento 2 customer account.

  • Two-stage verification process for Magento 2 account deletion for better security.

For more info visit:

Developed a bargaining module for magento. If there is no customer activities when detail page is loaded and certain time is passed, the system gives customer an option to bargain the product price. Customer will get numberof chances and external system will calculate if requested price is acceptable. If not customer has another option until all the chances are gone. If Customer wins at certain price, he/she can add that product to the cart and purchase.

Overview: Bagatella boutique is a Magento eCommerce application where the customers can purchase the products and can register as a Consignor and can sell their products. Also, the system provides the way to manage their accounts and products. It is a customized Marketplace multivendor system for high-end fashion accessories.

Requirement Specifications: 1.Migration from M1 to M2 2. Design the M2 website from the Scratch based on the M1 website and more additions. 3.Customization of Seller process.

Technologies PHP 7, Magento 2.2.x,Percona, Elastic Search 6.2.x, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Varnish, Redis

Features: Reasons for Migration from M1 to M2, ● Scalability and enhance performance. ● Image compression. ● Dashboard. ● Simpler product upload. ● Migration Tool. ● Ajax adds to cart. ● Cheaper & easier extension updates. ● Inbuilt CSS and js minification. ● Analytics and tracking. ● Inbuilt FPC(Full page cache).

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