Magento 2 Improved Sorting by Meetanshi enables customers to browse products by sorting them based on various options and offer a rich shopping experience.

Magento 2 is a platform for the E-commerce business that can offer a variety of products. However, the large variety of products can sometimes affect the sales if users cannot find their desired products easily. No one is going to browse through hundreds and thousands of the products to find one or few of them. The solution to the problem is Meetanshi's Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension!

The extension enables admin to offer a rich shopping experience in their store. Allow customers to sort the products based on options like best sellers, popularity, prices, number of reviews, discounts, and much more!

The Magento 2 Improved Sorting extension is a way to boost your popular products, enhance the on-site shopping experience and increase the conversion rate!

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento 2 Improved Sorting:

  • Enable the sorting in the category page based on Date of Product Creation, Featured, Most * Viewed, Bestseller, Average Ratings, Number of Reviews, Most Wishlisted, Discount, Recently Ordered, and Stock Quantity
  • Select multiple sort options from the admin backend.
  • Facilitates automated addition of the selected options to the "Sort By" drop-down on the category page.
  • Help visitors find the desired products easily, hence offer excellent user experience!
  • Increase the conversion rate with the help of the user-friendly features.

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Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews by Meetanshi enables the Google Customer Reviews Badge in the store that helps boost traffic and conversions and earn customers' trust.

Google Customer Reviews lets you collect feedback from users who’ve made a purchase from your store. Meetanshi's Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews extension integrates this Google customer reviews with Magento 2.

The extension enables to display the Google Customer Reviews Badge on your Magento 2 store. It helps visitors trust your business, hence boosting traffic and sales!

Display the customer reviews on the store frontend to guide potential customers and prompt them to make a purchase! Collect maximum reviews to flaunt them as well as learn from them to improve the store functionalities.

With Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews extension, add the Survey Opt-in in the checkout page as per the Google Customer Reviews service. Display the reviews in the badge, shopping ads or search results to enhance the online presence and boost the SEO efforts.

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews:

  • Integrates Google Customer Reviews with Magento 2.
  • Display the Google Customer Reviews badge at the desired position on store frontend.
  • Add the Survey Opt-in in the checkout page in the store.
  • Earn potential customers' trust with the help of the customers' reviews displayed on the frontend. Drives traffic.
  • Increases the click-through rate and conversions.
  • Improve store performances by analyzing the collected customer reviews for free!
  • Improve the online presence and SEO of the store by displaying the reviews in the search results and shopping ads.

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Note: Get a free account at Google Merchant Center.  Check if the service is available in your country at Google Merchant Center Help. Setup a Google Customer Reviews program and integrate it with your store easily using the extension.

Magento 2 Missing Orders by Meetanshi helps to list the missing orders in the form of the grid and create new orders for the same.

Magento 2 stores maintain an order history that can be used to track the details, for marketing purposes, etc. However, it may happen that the order history is disrupted due to the missing orders.

Missing orders in the Magento 2 store affects the order number tracking, the unique insight into trends, etc. To overcome such problems, Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Missing Orders extension.

The extension lists the orders that are placed, payments are confirmed and received but not recorded in the Magento 2 backend. The list is in the form of the "Manage Missing Orders" grid with the details like Order ID, customer Email, the date on which the order is created and the grand total. 

Create new orders directly from the grid for the missing orders with Magento 2 Missing Orders extension!

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento 2 Missing Orders:

  • A handy list of the missing orders that are placed but not recorded in the backend.
  • Facilitates a backend grid "Manage Missing Orders" with the data such as reserved Order ID, customer Email, the date on which the order is created and the grand total.
  • The grid facilitates to create the missing order directly by admin.
  • Facility of autofill the product, customer, and order data while creating orders for the missing orders.
  • Maintain an intact order history without any damage.

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Magento 2 Minimum Order Amount For Customer Group by Meetanshi

Magento 2 store owners need to plan the strategies in order to maintain a considerable profit margin. One such strategy is to enable minimum order amounts for the purchase. Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Minimum Order Amount for Customer Group extension that helps implement this strategy in the Magento 2 store.

The extension enables restriction on the minimum order amount based on the customer groups. Configure the extension so that the store does not incur a loss for packaging, and delivering an order that generated a lower revenue!

Improve the selling efficiency by setting a threshold amount for purchase based on customer groups such as wholesalers, retailers, guest customers, etc. Explore the feature-rich Magento 2 Minimum Order Amount for Customer Group extension to get the most out of it!

Benefits Meetanshi's Magento 2 Minimum Order Amount For Customer Group:

  • Admin can set the condition for the minimum order amount based on customer groups.
  • Admin can display the custom alert message on the checkout page for minimum order amount validation.
  • Restrict customers to check out until the minimum order amount criteria is fulfilled. Improve the sales with the extension!

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Magento 2 Partial Payment by Meetanshi lets customers make a purchase with installment payments, layaway price plans, EMIs, etc.

Do you want to implement a payment option which can be helpful in business competition and is also budget friendly for customers? The Magento 2 Partial Payment allows customers to pay in installments, down payments, EMIs or layaway price plans.

With this optimized payment method, encourage the customers to purchase, maintaining their budget and stand out in the competition.

Allow customers to make a purchase by paying a token amount and then pay the remaining amount with installment using the Partial Payment extension!

Benefits of Magento 2 Partial Payment extension:

  • Offer products with the partial payment, layaway plans or EMIs.
  • Let customers pay down payment at the time of the order and remaining amount later in an installment.
  • Select the scope of the Partial Payment: All Products, Selected Products, Whole Cart
  • Set one of the options on how tax, shipping, and the discount will be calculated while applying for partial payment:
  • Apply all 3 in the downpayment
  • Equally divide in both the downpayment and installment
  • Disable guest checkout for partial payment.
  • Set one of the payment plans for the installment payment based on days, monthly or yearly
  • Customizable labels for down payment amount and pay later amount to display in the storefront.
  • Option to charge payment fee for using the installment as: No Fee, On First Installment, On All Installments
  • Set a custom Partial Payment availability label to show in frontend.
  • Set a surcharge amount to add to the installments, to be paid either in fixed or percentage.
  • Enable email notifications on various partial payment actions and events.
  • Partial payment availability based on customer groups and store views.
  • A customer can skip the partial payments and pay the entire amount at a time.
  • Select payment methods to enable partial payment for.
  • Manage partial payments and orders with backend grid.
  • Ability to approve or disapprove payments for offline methods.

This extension allows you to add the DPD France Services to your Magento websites with the help of which your customers will be able to choose the pickup points quite easily. With the help of this extension, you can display various DPD France shipping methods during the checkout. The extension also allows you to configure the price and shipping methods based on specific conditions you want to apply.

Basically, the DPD France extension is used to add new shipping carrier to the checkout page of your Magento site. Here is how it goes:

Integration of DPD France Shipping Method DPD Pickup and DPD Predict which will be available in checkout process Configuration of shipping price based on different conditions

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