Magento 2 Delete Account 11 months ago

Following the EU's GDPR law, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Delete Account extension that lets the customers delete their account and its details permanently from the Magento 2 store! 

Easing the task of admin, the Magento 2 Delete Account extension eliminates the process of ticket request and process for customer account deletion. The customer has to navigate to "My Account" section and request for deleting the account. The delete account confirmation link will be received in an Email which ensures that only the verified customer can delete the account. On clicking this link, the account will be deleted permanently.

Security enhancements and improved customer experience is what makes the module worth it!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Delete Account extension:

  • Enable or disable the extension from the backend.

  • Admin can set the Email sender.

  • Admin can select template for delete account confirmation Email sent to customers.

  • Customers can request Magento 2 customer account delete by checking "Delete My Account" and clicking submit button from their "My Account" section.

  • Once the delete account request is sent, customers get delete account confirmation Email to their registered Email ID to confirm permanent removal of their Magento 2 customer account.

  • Two-stage verification process for Magento 2 account deletion for better security.

For more info visit:

Magento 2 Partial Payment by Meetanshi lets customers make a purchase with installment payments, layaway price plans, EMIs, etc.

Do you want to implement a payment option which can be helpful in business competition and is also budget friendly for customers? The Magento 2 Partial Payment allows customers to pay in installments, down payments, EMIs or layaway price plans.

With this optimized payment method, encourage the customers to purchase, maintaining their budget and stand out in the competition.

Allow customers to make a purchase by paying a token amount and then pay the remaining amount with installment using the Partial Payment extension!

Benefits of Magento 2 Partial Payment extension:

  • Offer products with the partial payment, layaway plans or EMIs.
  • Let customers pay down payment at the time of the order and remaining amount later in an installment.
  • Select the scope of the Partial Payment: All Products, Selected Products, Whole Cart
  • Set one of the options on how tax, shipping, and the discount will be calculated while applying for partial payment:
  • Apply all 3 in the downpayment
  • Equally divide in both the downpayment and installment
  • Disable guest checkout for partial payment.
  • Set one of the payment plans for the installment payment based on days, monthly or yearly
  • Customizable labels for down payment amount and pay later amount to display in the storefront.
  • Option to charge payment fee for using the installment as: No Fee, On First Installment, On All Installments
  • Set a custom Partial Payment availability label to show in frontend.
  • Set a surcharge amount to add to the installments, to be paid either in fixed or percentage.
  • Enable email notifications on various partial payment actions and events.
  • Partial payment availability based on customer groups and store views.
  • A customer can skip the partial payments and pay the entire amount at a time.
  • Select payment methods to enable partial payment for.
  • Manage partial payments and orders with backend grid.
  • Ability to approve or disapprove payments for offline methods.

CyberSource Global Payment Management is a Global Payment Management Platform, comprised of modular services and part of the secure Visa network. It connects business’ payment channels and operations to an integrated suite of global payment processing, fraud and security management services via flexible APIs, enabling businesses to leverage the power of payment management, enterprise wide. CyberSource can help reduce the cost and complexity of running eCommerce operations for Magento customers.

Integration with Paysafe (Netbanx) payment gateway

Magento 2 extension allows the site owner to create a category that links to an external site,intern page cms , home page or custum internal route

offline - payment data doesn't leave the website. Examples: Cache on delivery, Check/Money Order, Saved CC.

online - payment data is transferred to 3rd party service. Examples: PayPal Standart,Paypal Express. and 2checkout

Module Magento 2 for import newsletter subscribers table. it's module allows you to import and export your magento 2 newsletter subscribers in bulk via csv

In Magento, one of the most important task is to preview the product view page from backend before it will be online because it is the origin for all displays you would like to show for customers in the front end. Ibnab Create for store owner , extension for preview offline product . just by click on preview link you have the page product view , you see the errors of write or price (correct it and re back to preview), add to cart and start life cycle of buy before you customer , the customer can never access to product before will be online , is totally secure (validate product from backend before launch)

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