Magento 2 store switcher as the name describes, redirects visitors to a regional store for maximum conversions. It automatically detects every visitor's GeoIP location and switches them to a relevant store. You can create regions and assign a default store to each region so that visitor from a specific region can be redirected to the default store. You can optimize each regional store according to the region's preferences i.e. preferred products, services, local currency & language etc. Magento 2 GeoIP redirection increases sales as it only drives targeted traffic.

Features of Magento 2 GeoIP Extension

  • Automatic & manual redirection
  • Advance Geo-targeting features
  • Add IP exceptions
  • Maxmind IP database
  • Magento 2 store switcher dropdown in footer
  • Configure store switcher popup

We developed 1000+ Magento2 stores and already 100+ Magento2 stores. Just ask me and I will send a portfolio document with many examples. Adding the first here on E-commerce hero bit by bit (always busy doing great work for cool customers ;))

The website I am listing here first is the recently launched Twinkeltje Magento2 shop (Soon launching the international "Twinkels" store as well).

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