Fun fact: while doing my own study for the Magento Professional Developer Certification exam I checked my own Magento 2 FE course on LinkedIn learning to find out that it has been watched more then 4100 times and received almost 250 likes. I don't whether that's a good or bad score, but anyhow... I like it!

Magento 2 KNET Payments helps you integrate Kuwait's KNET Payment Gateway with Magento 2.

With increasing popularity of E-Commerce, Security in online transactions has become utmost important. Magento 2 KNET Payments Extension by Meetanshi facilitates to integrate Kuwait's KNET Payment Gateway with Magento 2 to capture secured online payments.

It is essential for your customers to know that online payment is fully secured. KNET is a popular Payment Gateway of Kuwait Country. Magento 2 KNET Payments extension enables secure payments on your Magento 2 stores. By installing this extension in your store, the customers will be redirected to KNET payment gateway for payment of their purchases.

To install and use the Magento 2 KNET Payment Integration extension in your Magento store, you must be having SSL certificate implemented.

Key features of Magento 2 KNET Payments extension:

• Facilitates Secure payment. • Enables redirection to KNET payment gateway after selection of this payment method • Make your customer believe you as reliable and assure them safe payment methods thus benefiting your business.

Learn more:

For more information about Magento 2 KNET Payment Integration extension visit:

Magento 2 Custom Order Grid by Meetanshi facilitates an advanced sales orders grid with the ability to add 50+ custom columns.

With the increasing traffic for E-commerce stores, the order management must be in place to avoid any errors in processing each order. For Magento 2 stores, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Custom Order Grid extension to facilitate an advanced sales orders grid to manage orders accurately and fast.

An organized orders data helps the admin for better order management with ease and control the order data. Improve the customers' shopping experience in the store with quick delivery that can be possible only with an easily accessible order data. Hence the Magento 2 Custom Order Grid extension!

Benefits of Magento 2 Custom Order Grid:

*Control the order information

*Process the store orders faster

*Manage the orders accurately and easily

*Hide the orders based on their order status

*Display the selected product image in the orders grid for the grouped products.

*Display the selected product image in the orders grid for the configurable products.

*Synchronize the existing orders using the "Synchronize" button

*Add 50+ columns to the order grid from the Sales > Orders grid by selecting the checkboxes

*Apply mass actions to an unlimited number of orders

*Search & filter the orders

*Hide the default columns when not required

*Display the product thumbnails

*Show the customers' contact number, shipping, and payment

*Export the order grid data into CSV and Excel XML

*Analyze the order data

For more information, visit

Developer tutorial on adding javascript files to Magento 2.

Developer tutorial on making changes to existing template files in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Barcode Generator by Meetanshi is the perfect tool to generate barcode labels and print them in pdf for the store products.

Easy order and stock management is the dream of every Magento 2 store admin. With Meetanshi's Magento 2 Barcode Generator it can be the reality!

Generate barcode labels and print them in pdf with the help of the extension. Using barcode is a great idea for business as it decreases the chance of human error, improves efficiency and accuracy, and there is no room for data entry error!

Improve the process of pricing, picking, preparing the order and managing the stock. Only with Magento 2 Barcode Generator extension.

Benefits of Magento 2 Barcode Generator:

  • Supports 17 barcode types.
  • The admin can set a prefix for the barcode generation
  • Automated creating and assigning the barcode type product attribute. For custom product attribute for the barcode, assign it to the products from the backend.
  • Option to mention the barcode print page height and width in pixels to specify the printable barcode area of the paper.
  • Display the brand logo image in the barcode PDF.
  • Specify the vertical and horizontal coordinated for its display in the barcode print page when uploading the brand logo image
  • The admin can display and print other product attributes in the barcode layout by selecting them and specifying coordinates for each
  • Generate and assign the selected barcode types to the products with "Assign Barcodes"
  • Use the "Preview" button to preview the barcode label layout
  • Enter the number of barcode print copies and print them in pdf using "Print Barcode" action.
  • The barcode inventory helps improve the product reception, picking, order, and stock management.
  • Streamlined checkout by displaying the prices for the customers.

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