CanvasCamp 4 years ago

CanvasCamp is one of the world’s leading canvas tents specialists, who creates high-quality equipment for nature lovers and sells it at affordable prices.


The business aims to help people create great memories when exploring the world, no matter how harsh the conditions are. Because it is known as a benchmark for canvas tents and for its good-looking products, we got overly excited about working with this client.

It all started with a meeting

If you read about us, you are probably already familiar with our way of working. Each collaboration starts with a briefing for development. In this phase the business owners communicate all the requirements they have for the project.

Baldwin built the first Magento webshop for Canvascamp in 2014. Now 4 years later we wanted to upgrade to Magento 2 and create a new shopping experience. After we finished the marketing & the technical research and we gathered all the information we needed, we proposed a structure for the website. It was properly adjusted depending on the client’s feedback until we established the final version.

Design & development

Our designers’ challenge was to properly translate the brand concept into the online shop. They chose to create a clean and simple design, that would highlight the Instagramable products manufactured and sold by the client. It perfectly fits the CanvasCamp’s brand identity.

Our team of developers started by setting up the test server & platform. They integrated the extra modules, transferred all the data into the new Magento 2 system and programmed all the custom backend functions. It all started to take shape after the front-end team programmed the templates.

SEO & analytics set-up

SEO and SEA functionalities are the most important things we deliver in terms of marketing at the launch of any webshop. Before launching CanvasCamp, it was all about 301 redirects, SEO check-ups & accounts configurations. We wanted to make sure each page is properly indexed by the search engines and the provided data is accurate.

Go live & advertising

After we made sure all the go-live checklist was completed by our team, the website was soft live for a few days. Everything was tested again, by our team and the client as well. At the moment of the launch, all the marketing campaigns were scheduled.

Now, we think CanvasCamp is one of the prettiest camping webshops. We share the credits with the client’s team, whose expectations were to create a project that raises the standards. We succeeded.

Skribis 4 years ago

A few years ago, the Baldwin team has made itself familiar with Magento 2, the latest version of the Magento e-commerce platform. Proud and Pleased as Punch, we want to take the opportunity to put one of our first Magento 2 creations in the spotlights: Skribis.

Skribis is a brand new online publication platform. Upcoming authors now have the opportunity to publish and circulate their manuscripts without the interference of a publisher. Skribis offers complete professional expertise: graphic design, online sales, print and distribution of academic, professional and novelist publications. With creative and technical know-how, the baldwin team guided the project from start to finish. This culminated into an innovative webshop, pioneer within the field of publication services.

Our creative geniuses supported Skribis during the transformation of idea to full-fledged webshop. The result is a practical digital platform, with the services of Skribis placed at the centre of attention.

Obviously, everything needs to look good as well. Our designers gave the project its own personality by giving it a fitting corporate identity and company logo. These will be featured on both the webshop and the printed book covers.

Naturally, we designed and built the webshop from the ground up. Our weapon of choice? Magento 2. Compared to its predecessor, Magento 2 offers a number of applications that boost the workflow considerably. Magento 2 sculpted the back-end into a modern design, which is a lot more user friendly than Magento 1.

These changes make it easy to add and adjust product attributes as well as determine which attributes can be used to filter specific products. This is just one example of how Magento 2 enables our development team to work faster and more efficiently. Thanks to Magento 2, this is an application our customers can learn easily without having to be a certified computer geeks.

Ridersville 4 years ago

After 25 years in the fashion business and a few thousand hours spent on horseback, it was time for the founders of Ridersville to merge two passions into one.


Baldwin translated the elegance and quality of their exclusive riders accessories into a stylish webshop, fitting the logo that already existed. To catch the eye of the webshop visitors, our design team opted for a unique homepage with a video.

We integrated Multisafepay to handle the payments and BPost for the delivery of the orders.

Rosette la Vedette 4 years ago

The mission of Rosette la Vedette is to bring colour to dark days. At 34, Wendy was diagnosed breast cancer and lost her hair because of the chemo therapy. As she was too optimistic to wear boring hats with boring colours, her mother made her personalised hats in bright colors.

Wendy decided to make fellow cancer patients happy as well, and launched an entire collection of fashionable hats, called ‘Rosette la Vedette’. With her trendy hats, Wendy wants to break the taboo of hair loss through chemo therapy. With this mission in mind, Baldwin redesigned the existing webshop.

The existing logo was kept, but the rest of the webshop changed drastically. Rosette la Vedette is a story told for and by strong people, therefore, the personal stories of fellow patients received a central spot on the shop’s homepage and on the product detail pages.

Next to the collection, the site also contains informative content on how to deal with hair loss by chemo therapy and style tips to look good, and feel good, despite the hair loss. This content was brought up front in a separate section called ‘chemo therapy and hair loss’.

Worked with this ecommerce client who was spending $25-40k each month on paid search and losing money every month. They were finally fed up with their old agency and reached out to us for a lifeline with the simple goal of achieving 300% ROAS across all campaigns. We put together a deep-dive audit and quickly went to work at cutting out wasted spend across irrelevant keywords, underperforming devices, and irrelevant demographics. We completely restructured the ad accounts, which have provided consistently stellar results.

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