It totally depends on the audience you are targeting. Like in India, cash on delivery is one of the most convenient payment method for customers these days. This method enables the customers to place an order in the online web store and make payments only when the product is delivered to them. And if the customer does not make payment when the product is delivered, then the product is returned to the seller.

Integrating Cash on Delivery payment option into your e-commerce store will help you to increase your sales. Because you can enable the COD payment method for the customers who do not have credit cards and debit cards to make the online payments for their purchase. Also, helps the sellers to avoid shutting down of potential customers who are not comfortable to reveal their credit and debit card details.

You can opt for Marketplace Cash on Delivery for your Magento platform. This module provides an absolute solution for the customers those who fear security leaks and lack of secure payment gateways while making online payments via credit cards and debit cards. The module allows the sellers to add COD payment method for their products. The sellers can also manage the COD rates for their products based on destination Country, state/region, zip, and product weight.

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