The value of attributes like location, Item quantities, weight, etc. may vary from customer to customer. Depending on this fact, the customer will ask for varied shipping options. Magento 2 Matrix Rates extension by Meetanshi lets your customer choose shipping options based on any variables that the store owner might want to add. Customer satisfaction which is very much Important can be achieved by facilitating the best-suited shipping options with the help of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Matrix Rates extension.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Matrix Rates extension:

  1. Location-based Rates
  2. Ability to add custom attributes related to all types of products for best Shipping Rates
  3. One can add Product Attributes using .csv file
  4. Allows Maximum Flexibility and Reliability for Shipping Rates
  5. Lets you offer Shipping Options based on the Product Quantity
  6. Allow making Shipping Options dependable on Weight of the Products
  7. Option to differ Shipping Options based on Product Price
  8. Display Estimated Time & Date along with Each Shipping Method
  9. Supports Shipping Rates either in Percentage or at a Flat Rate
  10. Differ Shipping Rates for Specific Product Types & Groups
  11. Virtual Product Type Excluded from the Shipping Rates
  12. Assign Maximum and Minimum Shipping Rates to be applied on whole order with multiple products

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Many times, default Magento shipping options are not enough to fulfill customers’ orders. They often ask more convenient options to choose from. Magento 2 Matrix Rates by MageComp provides you full control to create custom shipping options based on product quantity, weight, price and destination. You can also define shipping rates through uploading CSV and the shipping rate calculator promptly calculates rates and show on frontend for customers to choose one from. Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Matrix Rates extension: • Customize shipping rates based on cart weight, subtotal, quantity and destination. • Show location based various delivery methods. • Option to enter zip codes in a specific pattern to auto determine and calculate shipping charges. • Supports numeric ranges or wild card characters for zip codes. • Upload a CSV to define shipping rates. • Extension facilitates to charge shipping costs to downloadable and virtual products apart from other default Magento product types. • Handling fee can be added in two ways either in percentage or fixed. • Due to support for multi store, you can define different shipping rates to various store views. • Option to specify minimum order amount for free shipping. • Add and show additional comments for each shipping methods. • Both Multilingual and multistore supported.

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