Kalen interviews Benno and checks out a demo on Cobby. Some really interesting use cases around import/export to Magento, pricing, images, translations, multi-store, and a lot more.

Kalen interviews Vinai about Lizards & Pumpkins

Kalen interviews Juan Alonso and they talk about Magento 2, code generation and deployment tools

Kalen interviews Kevin on Magium and his configuration management tool. Kevin shreds on his electric guitar while they talk open source - what more could you ask for.

Kalen interviews Marty about the security scanning tech they've built over at MageMojo for the Magento sites they host

Interviewed Alessandro Ronchi of Bitbull, a Magento agency in Italy, about how he's built his team and continues to recruit Magento talent, how he's organized MageTitans Italy, written a book, and more.

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