Qloom 6 years ago

Magento 1 B2C & B2B Shop integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and optimized checkout for both types of customers.

Built a custom ordering solution for B2B customers. Per customer pricing is fetched dynamically from remote MS Dynamics service via XML API requests. Uses standard magento cart and checkout for order submissions

Sizzix 5 years ago

An end-to-end Magento 2 project, migrated from Magento 1. Complex custom features developed such as taxonomy data for storing and displaying extended attribute data relating to designers, brands, machines, and product themes. Use of the C3 content tiling system, allowing for easy updating of rich media in a responsive, tile-based interface, such as you can see on the homepage. Also includes a custom back-office integration using Microsoft NAV. Cloud hosted using AWS on an auto-scaling, redundant architecture.

Performed a discovery of integrating Magento with Microsoft Dynamics 2015. Scoped out two-way CRUD API calls between Magento and the ERP.

Integration Magento1.8 Dynamic Ax, Develop BbB integration, Integration of Ogone Payment


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Magento 1
Microsoft Dynamics
Bug Fixing

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