La Sportiva Migration 10 months ago

Migration of Sportiva North America from old platform to Magento Enterprise. Responsive Design, custom Entities (Ambassadors), and a host of other features.

Baleen Migrations 1 year ago

A standalone migrations framework that can also work as the foundation for your own PHP migrations library.

Migrate OsCommerce To Magento 1200 hours 4 years ago

Helped to migrate a store of 20K SKUs to with 200K of Customers from OsCommerce to Magento. The site is running on AWS with RDS Database

In this project I did the whole PDP, I also did the first import of almost 1M products. I also did the mechanism that calculates the prices of all the possible products configurations using prices returned by a web service.

Custom cart migration 11 months ago

Migrated a custom RoR cart with MongoDB to Magento 1 CE. Included

  • Catalog, order, and customer migration
  • Overhauling Mage modules
  • Creating custom modules
  • ERP integration
  • etc. 6 months ago

I helped the good folks at CasterDepot move from an ancient e-commerce platform to Magento in 2014, and having been doing updates and maintenance for them since then.

Read more about this project on our website and get in touch with us to learn about how we made a Magento site 900% faster!!!

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