Magento 2 build, multi-storefront, Netsuite integration, custom gift card rules, unique business and fulfillment rules for each storefront, one shared shopping cart across multiple stores

Product: apparel, home goods, collectibles, subscriptions

Integration: Newgistics Services 1000 hours 8 years ago

The client wanted to integrate with Newgistics service in order to better accommodate customer returns and make the overall return process a breeze for the visitors.

The integration consisted of:

  • Complete integration of CRUD API and Newgisticts via NuSOAP php library.
  • Generation of custom RMA PDFs based on the data from RMA provided by the client and responses from Newgistics.
  • Custom integration with USPS to allow customers to generate a free shipping labels and have USPS pickup at a provided date and time directly from the customers' home.


This was a tricky project because using PHP SOAP for API calls to Newgistics was failing due to custom security headers of the Microsoft .NET framework. and there was no flexible way to modify the native SOAP library in order to correctly generate valid XML documents. To overcome this issue NuSOAP php library was integrated into Magento to achieve desired functionally.

Another requirement was to allow guest and customers to generate RMAs via Magento. The RMA generation consisted of order and customer authentication, USPS pickup, generation of the packing slip of all or partial line items, tracking label generation via USPS API, calls to Newgistics for processing. Using Zend PDF interface the client wanted to generate custom PDF which would include the packing slip, USPS tracking labels and

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