I worked with Valeriy Nayda on the initial implementation of shipping algorithms for the MSI project

Reviwell shop 5 years ago

migration from old Magento to latest version, extended storeviews to 4 countries, 2 languages

another storeview of existing online shop with different product management

another storeview of existing eshop, with different product management

B2B - 5 years ago

We build a B2B multi-store, we added many features for the model business of this client, the site is closed for registered users, has different prices, categories and products for each store and kind of customer. It has been installed one extension to manage customer sub accounts and we customized it, we made a new extension to manage budgets, each customer and sub account can be engaged to many budgets and if there are no budget available the customer can't complete the order. We develop reports in the dashboard of the master account (not admin), these reports are related with all order of their sub accounts and budgets.

Flowers of Hobe Sound 4 years ago

Online Shop for Flowers of Hobe Sound

Online Shop for Flowers of Fort Lauderdale

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