I worked with Valeriy Nayda on the initial implementation of shipping algorithms for the MSI project

Reviwell shop 1 year ago

migration from old Magento to latest version, extended storeviews to 4 countries, 2 languages

another storeview of existing online shop with different product management

another storeview of existing eshop, with different product management 2 years ago

tink is the first marketplace for connected home products. They founded the company in 2016 and have a team of more than 25 poeple to bring the connected hometo the mass market. 2 years ago

It’s an online DNA Diagnostics Center and a great example of multi-store. They serve their services to people around at least 6 countries with payment and delivery methods adjusted for each country.

Flowers of Hobe Sound 11 months ago

Online Shop for Flowers of Hobe Sound

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