Contributor to the Magento2 extension maintained by community engineering team. Part of the MSI team weekly scrum meetings.

I worked with Valeriy Nayda on the initial implementation of shipping algorithms for the MSI project

Combination of Drupal 7 and Magento 1 CE.

Custom imports from old systems, multi-warehousing, order exports.

Vince Camuto Build 4 years ago

Replatform from Demandware to Magento 2.1.7

Built on an existing Magento instance

PIM integration

Multi-warehouse development

SPPLUS 5 years ago

SPPLUS is Australian No.1 Plumbing store, they want to migrate their e-commerce store to Magento 2. They want to have pre-order system if the product out of stock and multiple warehouse system, so customer can choose from what store to shop.

Manage your stocks in several warehouses and across all your pos. Automatically assign each order to one or several inventories. Create different stock levels for each store view. Give store managers the permissions to manage stocks of the pos/warehouses.

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