Upgrade Replay 1 year ago

Multi-process Optimized Upgrade Replay from Magento 1.5 (1.10 EE) and lower to 1.6 (1.11 EE) and higher. In order to run optimized replay you need to run original upgrade in database with same structure. Replay script uses pdo_mysql.log to read queries and estimate execution time.

#Real life results:

1.9 EE -> 1.11 EE ==> Original upgrade ~34 hours vs Optimized Replay 4 hours

1.4 CE -> 1.12 EE ==> Original upgrade ~15 hours vs Optimized Replay 2 hours

Initially Justshirt project was started as a custom ecommerce solution with product designer feature but later it was expended with crowdfunding and merchant functions to be more like Teespring.

Rewritten Magento Indexers to use the indexes optimal and implemented table rotation. Also optimized the queries.

o Theme customization, Fixing the bugs, integration with Open Bravo ERP

o Developing the functionality based on the requirement.(Project development was from scratch)

o Products, categories and customers import o Custom modules creation, Custom Shipping method creation

o Customize the Magento SOAP API's SalesOrder method to get the Paypal payment, stripe payment details and to get the individual associated products details of a ordered bundled product..

o Improved the site performance

Bella Maria's 1 year ago

A new fashion accessories site with 8000 loaded products, (not all enabled) based on Magento 2. This site complements the popular brick retail store. I've implemented some synchronization with POS, using custom PHP/MySQL and have integrated 3d party extensions.

Golden Beauty 1 year ago

Ecommerce Store Built with Magento 2

Teppermans 8 months ago

Magento 1 EE integrated Ebridge/Storis API to create secure customers via storis encrypted link

La Canadienne Shoes 8 months ago

Magento 2 EE store, created custom extension for store switching on ip based.


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Magento 2
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