Transforming a supermarket to mobile device is not an easy task. From specifications, documentation, managing clients expectations to leading distributed developer teams, project exceeded expectation set for it.

With the launch of native application for clients store, metrics from mobile devices started to break charts. iOS customers especially adopted new mobile first design. And to engage them further - we provided them with native iOS application that later proved to be a huge success! Within just 2 years, iOS application customers have climbed on the top of acquisition channel. Having real time notifications about services and products, constant access to customer through mobile applications, making promotions became even easier - all thanks to API we built that was later used to power up native Android applications as well.

This Mobile App Builder will convert your Magento2 default shop into a Mobile Application, so that your customers can explore and purchase products from your website and as well as from your Mobile application. They don't need any laptop or desktop to visit your Store, they can use all the features of your Store from their Mobile Application.


To attract the attention of the customers anytime anywhere, while they are on a move with their mobiles. Assuring you for your customers’ privacy and security concerns.

To Open a New Avenue for increasing the Sales.

Providing flexibility and ease of connectivity, in learning about customers.

To increase customers’ engagement because of their growing reliance on mobile technology.

To increase the engagement and conversion rates of customers the need is to send relevant Push notifications over their mobile phones as their preference is more for mobiles over websites to stay connected with the web, therefore it is important to communicate your Notifications, to grab their attention at that instant only, and thereby MOBIKUL helps you with that and increases your mobile revenue at the same time.

Provides an easy way to compare the Product, Prices, and Reviews.

AND many more. To view the Demo and User guide or to move forward with the Mobile application click the below button.

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