A Docker based development environment to run a local multi-version LEMP server setup on Linux or Mac without needing to install all the usual LEMP programs. Just download the latest version, copy over the .env.example to .env, and then use docker-compose up to start the server.

Sticker Collective 5 years ago

Created, modified and installed many magento 2 extensions (Delivery time, IWD onepagecheckout, Magiccart, Magicmenu, Square payment, etc). Fixed bugs related to magento 2 theme and functions (checkout, mega menu, image slider/carousel, etc). Setup the nginx server, mysql database and SSL certificate (letsencrypt). Put the mockup to the Magento 2 theme.

Quilmes+ 5 years ago

Designed and developed the biggest B2B e-commerce platform in the whole Latin America. Developed a module in order to enable customers to have multiple companies. Integrated orders with SAP by using REST API. Reached 100% unit test coverage in the code base. Performed peer review for each PR to increase code quality. Determined acceptance test scenarios for the quality assurance team. Managed new features and releases by using git-flow. Used Circle CI to run unit and acceptance tests for each PR. Performed periodic deploys to staging and production environments in order to assure the quality of the platform.

Max Tool 7 years ago

Small maintenance project which included investigation and various fixes of feed generation errors. Setup and configuration Redis caching. Performed code review, deployments and releases. Configured Magento Staging feature to work with nginx instead of native apache. Investigated and fixed reindexing errors.

Hotbiscuits 5 years ago

E-commerce with focus on selling baby clothing, with focus on performance optimization with Nginx web server and compiling with PageSpeed and full caching system with redis and memcached

Migrated from Magento EE 1.14 to Magento CE 2.2. Used Magento's data migration tool to accomplish migration. Integrated site with company's ERP system. Assisted in planning and developing an automated site deployment process to compile and deploy Magento 2 to 3 nginx servers sitting behind a load balancer. Deployments involved minimal downtime (about 8 minutes).

Matjarii 5 years ago

Magento2 upgrade + Security Patching with Frontend theming and custom module development / Modifying Paid Plugins.

Supply It is an Irish company which sells phone and computer components. The website has been developed using Magento 2 which makes the website a secure platform.

Some of the key features of the websites:

  1. Free Delivery - (Over €100)
  2. Secure Shopping
  3. RMA Service
  4. Daily Special Offers
  5. Drop Ship Facility
  6. Full Warranty

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