Projects 4 years ago is a subscription based store that sells high quality coffee in Nespresso cups. The site original ran on a custom built system and was (finally) migrated this year to Magento 2. The subscription system is a custom-built module. 4 years ago

Butchery is the online presence of a dutch butcher that's aiming to grow quickly and end up being of the largest online butchers in the country. There's a lot of customization to the Magento (2) system to add extra functionality. A custom API integration with the in-house picking system and an integration with the shipment partner slated to be developed.

Accolade Button 5 years ago

One click ordering.

Mockberg is a Sweden-based brand shop of wrist watches. More than 100 Mockberg shops are located now in Europe. IT Delight team made it possible to order and buy an exclusive Mockberg watches online

Polini Kids is the online shopping store of exclusive furniture for babies and children. It provides not only the quality, but also a round-the-clock online ordering service and delivery. The website was fully updated (new design and functions), implemented the custom configurator of color and price with/without discount.

An award winning, industry leading Magento Enterprise build that will pave the way for personalised products with accompanying Corporate website.

• Strong brand identity • Full responsive re-design • Highly personalised products • Khaos control Integration • Accompanying corporate site • Complex bespoke modules • Pick N Mix product baskets • Complex split shipping

For this project my personal involvement was doing the full consultancy for the development of the project, assisging in setup of the hosting environment. Problem solving and mapping out the clients order process to find ways to save internal staff members time and speed up their entire process.

OneStepCheckout 6 years ago

OneStepCheckout is a Magento extension that will reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversion. Our product combines all six Magento steps into one with prices and totals dynamically updating via Ajax. Never before has checkout been easier and faster. Our checkout is fully responsive and is very easy for merchants to install and customize. OneStepCheckout is a rock-solid, well documented, thoroughly tested extension and we provide support if you run into issues. We work exclusively with checkout and conversion, to always bring you the best possible checkout product. That’s why over 19,000 merchants globally and 200+ trusted partners are trusting us.

Tent and Table 5 years ago

For over 25 years "Tent and Table" has been in business of delivering and supplying commercial grade bounce houses, party equipment, variety of wedding tents, pole tents and frame tents with banquet chairs and banquet tables. "Tent & Table" is a multi-website ecommerce store managed by single backend administrator. The idea behind separate website is to have more traffic though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from different channels. It has also been integrated with Google Merchant Feed Generation extension to generate product feeds.

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