If you want to increase the conversion rate and decrease the shopping cart abandonment & checkout time in your Magento store. Then, Magento 2 One step checkout module is one such solution which will improve your checkout process design and boost your business sales.

The checkout process is a key component in the sales. Once customers have made it to the checkout stage, it is just a few clicks for them to complete the purchase and for the store owner to make a sale. Optimizing the checkout process helps store owner to keep the customers happy and makes them more likely to return in the future.

Basically, One Step Checkout combines all checkout steps into one and removes all unnecessary fields and questions. This extension will help you to to create a single checkout page with all necessary information on it.

One Step Checkout rearranges and displays customer information, shipping method, payment method, and order review wisely on a single page. Hence, store owners can eliminate the reloading and redirect to another page when checkout which may distract customers from purchasing.

In this module, even the gust users can place their orders using one-step-checkout functionality. With One Step Checkout, customers will never have to go through long steps as it reduces checkout time and makes it as simple as possible.

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