This is a class offered by Magento U. This includes:

  1. Shopping Cart
  2. Price Calculations
  3. Onepage Checkout
  4. Shipping
  5. Payments
  6. Order Placement
  7. Taxes & Discounts

This extension adds the functionality of Deleting orders (only for "canceled" orders) in Admin section of Magento 2. Compatible with Magento commerce and open source.

Hello Bio 5 years ago

HelloBio is an eCommerce website that was built from scratch and sells tools for life sciences. We made ERP integration, IWD order manager customization and Mods to edit order functionality.

Swimwear world 5 years ago

There were a lot of interesting features:

  • we created sort order randomization feature. The randomization feature mixing products with the same brand and makes catalog view prettier.
  • we created Only X left and Shipping from Date notice features. The features displays notice lines on a product page.
  • we created custom indexer to display a custom label on catalog images and integrated new extensions with existing custom features.

The project was migrated from Magento1 to Magento2 with full compability to all the plugins and extension. The project is a community driven platform with lots of packages and subscription. Includes recurring payments and custom reports developments.

Delivery Date Scheduler, an advanced Magento extension is rolling in the market enormously! It helps online store owners with the management of delivery time slots, disabling specific dates for delivery, handling rates for particular days & time slots. The flexible delivery saves a lot of time of store owners and satisfies their majority business needs. The extension comes with secure and robust features!

Magento 2 Marketplace 6 years ago

Marketplace developed on Magento 2 with vendor account management, built-in vendor product import, custom fulfillment and shipment management.

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