Minimum Order Quantity 6 hours 2 years ago

By default Magento lets us set the minimum quantity allowed in the shopping cart for individual items but this extension lets you set a minimum quantity for the whole order.

New Order Notification 10 hours 2 years ago

Display a real time notification on the frontend of your Magento 2 store when someone places an order. The notification contains the latest product in the order and the location that the items were shipped to.

Magento 2 Delete Orders helps manage orders by deleting junk and test orders to make the store clean

Magento 2 Delete order extension will do this for you, it will delete all the canceled, test, closed and other such undesirable orders along with order details like an invoice, shipments, credit memos, etc.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Delete Order extension:

• When you create new functionality, you may have many test orders to ensure the working of the module, which may confuse you later with the actual one. Delete it all at once with this extension

• Allows deleting the single or specific order.

• Allows deletion of orders from specific data range.

• Dispose of all linked data such as invoice shipments, credit memos, etc. without any extra effort.

• Delete orders based on Order status and customer groups

• Delete orders in bulk from customer groups.

This extension is available for Magento Commerce and Magento Open source. It allows the customer to add delivery date, time and comment for a particular order. admin can control delivery time slot from backend.

This extension adds the functionality of Deleting orders (only for "canceled" orders) in Admin section of Magento 2. Compatible with Magento commerce and open source.

Build preorder feature 80 hours 2 years ago

Preorder feature with complete cycle and user notification experience

OrderItem Comments 2 years ago

This small extension adds a comment field in the cart overview at the order item level instead of the order level. This allows the customer to input specific wishes per product. It is saved in the database in a seperate table and can be retrieved from there.

Delivery Date Scheduler, an advanced Magento extension is rolling in the market enormously! It helps online store owners with the management of delivery time slots, disabling specific dates for delivery, handling rates for particular days & time slots. The flexible delivery saves a lot of time of store owners and satisfies their majority business needs. The extension comes with secure and robust features!

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