Bauhaus 2 years ago

I provided many extensions and customizations on including implementation of Croatian fiscalization, payment methods, store locator, most of the widgets and banner containers used on frontend, custom loggers, custom category page navigation, custom category landing page layouts, checkout modifications and prepared many API endpoints for a custom connection to external PIM software.

Planetasport 1 year ago

I provided Planetasport with many custom extensions such as custom payment gateway (redirect) for Serbian IntesayPay. Many API endpoints for ERP synchronizations, store locator, custom sliders and more ...


  • Full theme creation on Magento 2
  • Finance (DekoPay) integration
  • Environment set up on Amazon Web Services
  • Multi-warehouse support
  • PeopleVox integration via Zynk
  • Custom API endpoints

"Discovering Magebit was the best thing that could have happened to make this project a success. As a client, we had some major bespoke requirements for the core functionality and integration of Magento 2 but they have taken it all in their stride and absolutely nothing has been a problem. Magebit’s positive can-do attitude makes them a pleasure to work with and this is only supported by a wealth of knowledge that stretches well beyond the Magento platform. Excellent attention to detail, responsiveness and a consistent stream of great ideas make me confident this will be a long-lived relationship." - Jeff, Project Manager at Hargroves Cycles

Make secure online payments with Magento 2 KNET Payment Integration which enables integration with Kuwait's KNET Payment Gateway

With increasing popularity of eCommerce, Security in online transactions has become utmost important. Magento 2 KNET Payment Integration by Meetanshi facilitates to integrate Kuwait's KNET Payment Gateway with Magento 2 to capture secured online payments.

It is essential for your customers to know that online payment is fully secured. KNET is a popular Payment Gateway of Kuwait Country. Meetanshi introduces Magento 2 KNET Payments extension to enable secure payments on your Magento 2 stores. By installing this extension in your store, the customers will be redirected to KNET payment gateway for payment of their purchases.

To install Magento 2 KNET Payments extension in your store, you must be having SSL certificate.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 KNET Payment Integration Extension:

• Secure payment

• Redirection to KNET payment gateway after selection of this payment method

• Make your customer believe you as reliable and assure them safe payment methods.

Meetanshi’s Magento 2 SagePay Integration lets you integrate your Magento store with Sage Pay Payment Gateway for accepting secured payments from customers. SagePay Payment Gateway is a PCI DSS Level 1 payment processor providing the highest level of card security. So customers can enjoy shopping without worrying about risks for payment.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 SagePay Integration:

  1. Additional security layer through 3D secure to reduce illicit payment transactions and card theft.

  2. The extension supports pre-authorization facility to authenticate cards and make sure to have sufficient balance in customers' cards.

  3. CVC verifications are enabled to confirm secured payments.

  4. SagePay provides PCI DSS level 1 compliant processor to process payments in your Magento 2 stores.

  5. Facility for customers to save their cards for future purchases.

  6. Direct refund facility for admin to process customers' returns faster.

  7. Authorize facility for store owners to quickly payment captures without making requests to SagePay's server.

In China, Alipay is the most popular Payment Gateway. To capture the payments from customers in China, Meetanshi offers Magento 2 Alipay Integration Extension which allows you to integrate Magento 2 with Alipay Payment Gateway.

Provide better convenience to your Chinese customers for payment by using Magento 2 Alipay Integration Extension.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Alipay Integration:

  1. Integrates with Alipay payment to provide online payment service to users in China

  2. Supports all 16 currencies including CNY(RMB) during checkout

  3. Supports multi-store and multi-currency options

Magento 2 Elbooq Integration extension enables integrating your Magento 2 with Elbooq Mobile Payment Gateway. You can rely on the module to capture online payments securely in your Magento 2 stores. Secure online payment is a must feature in E-commerce. You may not want trust issues or lower sales due to insecure payment methods as it will affect your business. To avoid that mess, Meetanshi brings Magento 2 Elbooq Integration extension that enables integrating Magento 2 with Elbooq Mobile Payment Gateway for your Magento 2 stores. The extension will help enhance and capture online payments safely. Customers are asked to choose the Elbooq Payment method at the end of the checkout process, the store then sends a request and proceed payment capture.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Elbooq Integration extension:

  1. Customers get Elbooq Payment option at checkout to pay securely through Elbooq payment gateway.

  2. Facilitates accepting secured and fast online payments.

Magento 2 eWay Payments extension by Meetanshi allows store owners to integrate eWay payment gateway with Magento 2. Capture secure online payments through credit cards with the help of Meetanshi's extension!

eWay is a popular payment gateway in Australia. It is a safe way for online payments. Integrate the extension in Magento 2 store after creating an account in eWay and receiving the registration API key and password.

Magento 2 eWay Payments extension allows accepting one off payments. There is a facility for customers to save the credit card details to ease their task at the time of next purchase. Also, enjoy the enterprise anti-fraud protection for Magento 2 store!

The module allows admin to process a full or partial refund, capture authorized transactions and process orders manually.

Benefits of Magento 2 eWay Payments extension:

  • Enable/Disable the eWay Payment extension from the backend.

  • Enable Direct Connection or Responsive Shared Page method for transaction process. 

    1. The direct connection method is a simple single side server call. It supports Visa Checkout and AMEX Express Checkout.
    2. The Responsive Shared Page method includes payment forms hosted on eWAY's PCI DSS compliant.The process protects the merchant from handling the payment process.
  • Customize the label of payment method for the frontend.

  • Option to enable the sandbox mode to test the transaction process. Live mode is enabled for the actual payment captures. 

  • The module supports the authorize/authorize and capture payment actions.

  • The module provides debugging mode support.

  • Supports all the major credit card types such as Visa, Master Card, JCB, Diners, etc.

  • Admin has the option to select the list of allowed countries to enable eWay payments from the backend.

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