Texas Precious Metals sells precious metals, so they have very high average order values. They needed help building a solution for orders that were greater than $10K so they could take direct payment instead of paying high credit card fees. Built a custom integration with Dwolla to allow customers to create a profile, connect their bank account, verify micro transactions to confirm their bank account, and ultimately use this payment method during checkout.

Development of module for Magento 2 framework. Customization of checkout to let customers redeem 3rd party giftcard codes. Functionality added into cart and checkout to check card balance against 3rd party API.

Development of an order states flow Web Service for client ERP Integration. Custom self-developed Blog importation from Wordpress to Magento AheadWorks Blog extension. Development of FinCosum (for funded payments of La Caixa spanish bank entity) integration extension, as Payment Method.

Envia Mi Compra 4 years ago

A hole system integrated with many api to track package from EEUU to Uruguay and Paraguay. Very complex site. Integrated payment and shipping methods custom and a lot of custom work

Petteezer 3 years ago

A multi-language store with different payment methods for different language. A 360-degree view of the product.

Improvements to custom RMA process, creating Direct Debit payment method using Cybersource

Developed Geolocation-based dynamic catalog, integrated 3rd party APIs, developed Magento payment module for 3rd party vendors to integrate with FlexShopper own LTO payment method, DocuSign integration for signing lease agreements.

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