Created an extension that tracks product interactions by customers and assigns an interest score to each category. This can then be used to customise the site and show different static block content dependent on their interests.

3d innovation one of the leading eCommerce store to provide a personalized 3D crystals. Customized shopping cart behavior using fabric js and tools. User can upload picture and personalize it. Based on their preference 3D Crystal can be ready. Zoho CRM is integrated to manage a sales

An award winning, industry leading Magento Enterprise build that will pave the way for personalised products with accompanying Corporate website.

• Strong brand identity • Full responsive re-design • Highly personalised products • Khaos control Integration • Accompanying corporate site • Complex bespoke modules • Pick N Mix product baskets • Complex split shipping

For this project my personal involvement was doing the full consultancy for the development of the project, assisging in setup of the hosting environment. Problem solving and mapping out the clients order process to find ways to save internal staff members time and speed up their entire process.

Virginia Hayward 5 years ago


For the last 30 years Virginia Hayward have been supplying and building hampers (food/gift baskets) for some of the most prestigious companies in the UK.

They came to Fisheye to re-invigirate their online business, with the key objective to provide their customers with the same flexibility and high level of service online as the company traditionally provides offline.

We designed and developed a bespoke hamper builder solution, that allows customers to choose, fill and customise a hamper or multiple hampers which can then be sent to multiple locations. A complex process delivered with simplicity to the end-user on any browsing device.

Providing seamless integration with their order fulfilment and stock control systems allows the company to process a huge number of bespoke orders per day with efficiency.

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  • UX led design & development
  • Responsive Magento Enterprise development
  • Custom hamper (food/gift basket) builder
  • Personalisation of custom hampers
  • Multi-address shipping
  • Order fulfilment and stock control integration
  • Custom tax and shipping algorithms
CadburyGifts Direct 6 years ago

Worked or Built Cadburygifts project along with its multi-store name Corporate.Handle Team work and there tasks complete all complexity ,all functionality of site and with team spirit make it live success fully,

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