Frontend and Backend development, created all HTML+CSS from PSD.

This is a Magento Multistore for a Frozen Foods company franchise, where each franchisee has a view of the same Magento admin, but only with information for its store. It was created an advanced permission system on admin, so the store owner can set the view for each franchisee and assign admin users to each store view.

The frontend works all with AJAX calls, so you can browse all products and categories directly on homepage, and form the homepage go to checkout. It’s useful since the customer only needs to buy a meal in a quick way.

UPDATE: Looks like client removed the site. This is a project from 2015 when I worked for a company in Brazil, once I left the company I had no more contact with the project. :/

Magento 5 years ago

Build from scratch, Create new theme and extensions, Customize extensions, site speed optimization, ....

a) Complete website build b) PSD to HTML Theme c) Customized CMS pages d) Performance optimization.

It's an official Ukrainian Sennheiser store. The fIrst version of the website was developed on Magento 1.8. About a year ago we update Magento to 1.9 and made redesign. The features we implemened:

  • responsive theme
  • a table of simple products
  • integration with Fishpig
  • Visual composer for fast post creation
  • created and applied an iconic font
  • custom mega menu
  • custom filters
  • Nova Poshta API
  • custom grid with ads
  • AJAX Cart
  • social login
  • installed and customized modules:
    • Out of stock notification
    • Free gift
    • Reward points
    • Follow-up emails

Together with development we provided SEO and Google Adwords. It allowed to increase sales for 15-20%.

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