This Price Importer Extension for Magento 2 is the fastest import tool for bulk updating different prices like regular, cost, MSRP/MAP, special, tier & customer group price.

Magento 2 has built-in data transfer for importing products and advanced pricing. But it lacks the functionality of updating all types of prices whether it's regular or advanced pricing in a single go. Also, the native import has very limited options for pricing.

With this extension, store admin can achieve the simplest & fastest way to import all types of pricing with just a single CSV file(more import sources will be added soon). And with the export pricing option, store admin can easily prepare the import file.

Bulk Product Editing 4 years ago

The script extract the current status of a group or all SKUs in a CSV file, then it will apply the changes in the new CSV file. This was mainly used to schedule huge price changes and rarely to amend titles and other info.

Created an extension which calculates a custom price based on customer option selections. Extension can make use of a simple products customer options, product attributes, and data stored in custom variables. Attributes and custom variables can contain additional logic statements to allow for branching and subroutines. Frontend uses AJAX for price retrieval on option change. This module is also compatible with native cart and catalog pricing rules.

The original launch of Western Dovetails website. This site utilizes a dynamic custom options by a third party and a custom pricing extension which I wrote. Uses an ajax request to update the price based on option selections. The formula on the backend can retrieve values from the options, product attributes or custom variables plain text fields. This allows for complex formulas to be written with if/then/else logic and more. Originally written in 2011 and update through out upgrades.

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