This module was built for a personalized jewelry retailer. It was designed to allow the merchant to create font sheets which could be imported into Magento, then assigned to products as a type of custom option. Customers could elect to apply the engraving option, where they would be prompted to type or select their engraving letters (glyphs).

The result was a very intuitive customization tool that could be applied to any product.

Royal Robbins 5 years ago

Huge Аmerican site of everyday close. Based on responsive design, has advanced filters and navigation features, has trusted store extension, configurable products

After Ben Marks visited the Atlanta Magento Meetup my client was re-invigorated to get his website launched. He had been trying to get Magento 1 CE launched for 2 years, but his freelancers were not able to pull all of the pieces together. Serendipitous, I sat beside him at this event. After some research, I assured him I could get his site from where it was to fully launched within 20 hours, and train him to self manage all of his content.

We did it! He launched back in the Summer of 2017 and has been receiving a few orders. Many months later, he keeps us on retainer to continue to train him how to use his system and enhance the site as he moves along. We are nearing a complete relaunch of the site with Shipper HQ, Amasty Payment / Shipping for Customer Groups, and lots of Magento Configurable products for his apparel products.

OEM Auto Parts 5 years ago

Magento Full build. OEM Parts configuration. 5 Million unique OEM Automotive parts. Over 20 million product detail pages spidered after go live.

The client is in the business of selling custom built industrial hoses. Each hose type has multiple diameters set up as simple products for a configurable product. And each simple product has multiple options for hose fittings on each end with different prices per diameter. So the simple product has to be added to the cart, but for each of use by the end user, they only want the type of hose to show, and then have the configurator select and add the right simple product to the cart. I’ve built a custom product view that allows the user, on the configurable product page, to select one diameter, and then load the simple products options for fittings and length of hose. Once fittings are selected, a length of hose is displayed with the user selected fittings shown on each end. Once the user selects all options and length of hose in inches and adds to cart, the module calculates the overall price of the hose by length, plus the cost of the fittings for each end.

non-responsive website for a roller door selling

DinoPC 5 years ago

DinoPC offer high performance, heavily customisable Gaming PC's and approached Absolute Commerce to build them a new website in Magento 2. We migrated their existing non-Magento website to Magento 2 and developed a bespoke custom product type to power their PC configurator.

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