Customized Amasty's part finder extension so as to create an ajax based widget on the product pages on the front-end. With the custom popup holding the widget and using ajax to fetch the contents of the subsequent finder and then eventually the product listing based on the finder values selected.

Yogibo needed a new eCommerce site that had a custom rooms feature that was also fluid responsive. They need a solution that would bring them forward digitally and help them support their growing eCommerce needs. They also need to migrate all their data from an older Magento version to a new Magento installation in the process.

Maxi Cosi needed a unique online solution that would engage its customers and bring in new customers. They need something that would not hurt their retail distributors either. Thus, they came up with the idea to sell customized car seats similar to the Nike offerings online. This would engage new users and not compete with the standard offerings their retail distributors were selling. They needed this done for an affordable budget as they were not sure what the results would be, making this project very challenging from a technical stand point, in addition to the backend integrations required.

Custom online service to probate a will online. The project uses Magento 1.9 as the backend. Most of the customizations were made through a custom extension developed for the project purposes.

Saraiva launched its new site in time for Holiday 2014. 200,000+ Orders on Black Friday Weekend / 200,000+ ORDERS ON BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND / +24% Increase in Conversion Rate / +24% INCREASE IN CONVERSION RATE / +130% Jump in Mobile Traffic / +130% JUMP IN MOBILE TRAFFIC

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