File Upload Attribute 10 hours 1 year ago

This extension allows you to create file upload attributes for your products by adding a new input type to the attribute creation form.

Built a custom product type that allows the consumer to select and configure a different customizable product

Wrote a plugin for ShipperHQ's dimensional rates feature which adds the ability to change the dimensions of a product based on the selected product options. This allow for more accurate pricing of shipping on large and/or bulky items which may change size based on selected product options.

The original launch of Western Dovetails website. This site utilizes a dynamic custom options by a third party and a custom pricing extension which I wrote. Uses an ajax request to update the price based on option selections. The formula on the backend can retrieve values from the options, product attributes or custom variables plain text fields. This allows for complex formulas to be written with if/then/else logic and more. Originally written in 2011 and update through out upgrades.

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