Bauhaus 2 years ago

I provided many extensions and customizations on including implementation of Croatian fiscalization, payment methods, store locator, most of the widgets and banner containers used on frontend, custom loggers, custom category page navigation, custom category landing page layouts, checkout modifications and prepared many API endpoints for a custom connection to external PIM software.

This extension connects a Salsify channel to a Magento catalog. It provides direct support for most Salsify features, like parent/variant relationships, product relations, and all property types. The extension was developed for a client seeking to replace their existing connector which had many integration problems. I was tasked to re-architect the integration, and to achieve the following goals:

  • Automate all catalog management (except category assignment/merchandizing)
  • Automate configurable product management
  • Implement advanced price logic
  • Enhance the PDP to dynamically load child product data on option selection
  • Provide data transport monitoring tools
  • Provide error reporting and notification mechanisms

I developed the entire integration in about 1 month. The connector has recently been deployed and is currently serving the Magento catalog for

MondoConvenienza 1 year ago

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Website for italian company Mondo Convenienza in the furniture world. Full website development with CRM / PIM interface and full custom ReactJS checkout procedure.

NunaLie 1 year ago

Website for italian clothing company NunaLie. Full Magento 2 development with PIM and CRM intergration.

ArredaClick 1 year ago

Website for italian company AreaD selling pieces of forniture. Magento 1 project with deep customizations and CRM / Order Management / PIM integration.

Vittoria 2 years ago

Magento 1, Full Build, Responsive Design, Backend Development, PIM Integration

Magento 1 store, since 2009. Integrated with PIM and ERP, featuring a number of further digital services like DRM, Geo-IP, MOSS, live postal address check, epoq Search.


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