India based established ecommerce for personalized jeans were looking to develop a new website offering to customer for online suit tailor order with personalization selection. Challenge was suit having so many options and providing customer clear presentation to option have to select by customer. We have utilized product personalization option along with vertical options management for management ease and reduce the effort of creating same options for multiple products. We have designed and developed personalization process flow using knockout and jquery js for better user experience and clear presentation of personalization options.

Apart from personalization, developed measurement module to provide measurement profile management ability for customers. While taking orders for suit, in order to tailor perfect filling suit for a person, it is essential to gather person body measurement. Our extension ensures customers have provided measurement before doing and completing checkout and attach measurement details with order so master can it into account while tailoring ordered suit. Additionally, customers can manage multiple measurement profile if want to order on behalf of someone else.

Dubai based well-established brand called "Lanej" were having web presence over nope commerce and were looking to re-platform in order to modernize the visual look of the website and provide an option for product personalization along with real-time review. Lanel is manufacturing and selling mobile case, card holder, keychain, purse made from real letters of crocodile,python, snake, etc. We have developed product personalization module utilizing magento product personalization options along with vertical management ability for administration ease. Frontend developed with use of fabric js framework to generate real time preview and store generated output along with order. Customers can print their desired name in english or arabic, symbol or emoji on product and can preview how actual product would look like.

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