Projects 7 months ago

Full Magento 2 build that includes sophisticated functionality for guided product exchanges and automated refunds

End-User satisfaction is very important for any business. By adding an RMA service to your marketplace for the product will improve customer satisfaction. That’s why Product Return is a much-needed feature in the e-commerce store. RMA feature helps to improve end-user experience and satisfaction. As goods are bought without the physical inspection by the buyers. So, Magento 2 RMA System Marketplace Add-on provides the freedom to the customer to return and exchange the bought goods.

This module will reduce the hassle of the marketplace seller to manage the product return manually. And offers a quick and convenient way to the customers to file an RMA. The customers will be more confident while purchasing the product.

The buyers can request for RMA if the product does not meet their expectation. The buyer will be able to file a new return or refund for a product. Even guests users can generate an RMA request for Cancel, Return or Refund of an ordered Item. It will create more transparency between the customers and the seller.

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