Created module that provides contextual error messaging for Magento 1 promo codes.

Ecommerce store with recurring orders 450 hours 7 months ago

Highly customized ecommerce project developed using Magento 1.9.3 for Theme design provided by another agency.

Some of the tasks involved:

  • Customization of product listing, customers account, checkout process, payment methods and delivery options.
  • Option to accept recurring orders
  • Credit/Reward systems for promotions
  • Development of custom extensions for the store to schedule deliveries, validate zip codes, cron tasks and other additional features.
Christina Clinical 3 months ago

In this project we created Promo code feature. The feature allows to buying products if a customer has a promo code only. The backend side allows generating codes, manage codes specific data, send codes to customers.

Create personal promotions using customers' account information. Build customer devotion with specials based on order history.

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