I was excited and honored to have a speech at Meet Magento 2017 Sweden and one in Romania for the same event, in 2017.

I am also on the speakers list at Codecamp Bucharest which takes places on November the 10th this year (2018).

Presentation at MeetMagento DK talking about my beginnings on Magento 2 and how code generator tools can help developers to be more productive.

There is no such thing as an un-hackable site. However, we have the available tools and processes to make our customizations much more resilient to attacks. In this session, we will prepare you with strategies and tools distilled from years of working with Magento and web security. Our jobs are already complicated by creating great software. These strategies will give us the confidence that our software doesn’t contain vulnerabilities.

With the eCommerce world getting more and more competitive every day, creating a successful customer journey is more than just usability, it’s harnessing the power of persuasion and making customers want to buy.

If a customer has landed on your online store, they have done so with intent and there is an art to getting them to follow through with their intentions. In this talk I will go through the steps, the adventure, the epic pilgrimage that is conversion.

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