Krotos Audio 6 years ago

A custom WooCommerce application featuring a Python API integration,

Saltstack Scripts 5 years ago

Wrote several salt stack states to perform administration, management, and DB migration:

  1. wrote a saltstack state to upgrade bamboo and take DB / Conf configuration snapshot
  2. wrote a saltstack state to migrate Magento 1 database from target to source environments with options to filter out PI based data.
  3. wrote a salstack state to manage nginx and php-fpm confs based on grains / pillars.

-> In Kanban view user set only group by in one field. But now it can be possible on two fields which are developed by me.

ODOO v7 5 years ago

-> In ODOO v7.0 when a user clicks on translation button at that time move on list view of translation that does not work same like V6.1. So removed v7.0 functionality and added new functionality for translation.

-> In ERP user set progress bar with one value. But now it can be possible on 2 or 3 values with different color effect and attractive view.

ODOO - POS 5 years ago

-> Point of sale work with a separate model but now point of sale work with Sale module after new development.

ODOO - Training 5 years ago

-> User blocked, Auto refresh and Excel report and PDF report And also gave one international training to 32 people about OpenERP web.

ODOO - Hijri Calendar 5 years ago

-> Made Hijri and Jalali calendar for version V7 and version V8.

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