WALEPAY (APP) 4 years ago

Walepay is an E-Wallet company that uses QR technology as a payment tool for every kind of transaction. ​ Their vision is to create Indonesia’s cashless society.

And their mission is to Educate Indonesian’s people to use Mobile Payment as a tool to answer their daily needs.

Just like the website, they want a simple design for their mobile app. So we redesign a pre-made theme and then customize it based on their needs. Mostly it dominated by white and blue colors. The navigation also made to be as simple as possible.

This is one of the most important and the main feature that should exist in the Walepay mobile app. We took advantage of the native feature in Android and iOS for this part. With QR scan, users can pay for their purchase, or scan their friend’s QR code to accept or send money with their smartphone.

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