Ergo Pouch 2 years ago

For this (cute) Australian project, we engaged in website redesign and styling throughout the website. Other tasks included bug fixing, QA and used enhanced layered navigation.

BESTORX 1 year ago

For this Chinese client, we customized the Porto theme to match his designs, integrated Aitoc extensions and fixed various bugs throughout his site. The website's mobile interface was heavily customized since majority of the traffic was coming through that channel.

Midway Dental 1 year ago

OroCommerce Full build, Epicor P21 Integration, Custom design, CIM custom integration, B2B budget approval workflow, Custom reports, CRM for Sales Reps. Managed team in Poland, Boston, Michigan and California.

This may seems trivial, however the update from 2.2 to 2.3 isn't with over 30 modules from 10 different vendors added into the mix. Many vendors modules required updates and some had no idea their module would break on the new version as they had not tested yet. I provided feedback to module vendors and created patches to make due until the vendors were able to push new code which worked on the latest version.

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