eDarley 1 year ago

A full-fledged Magento Commerce 2.1 B2B & B2C site, including a custom in-house Organizations module, Quick Order module, and integration with Cart2Quote

Mockberg is a Sweden-based brand shop of wrist watches. More than 100 Mockberg shops are located now in Europe. IT Delight team made it possible to order and buy an exclusive Mockberg watches online

Magento Quick Order Extension 100 hours 7 years ago

B2B business owners have a set of loyal wholesalers who visit their physical/online store frequently and usually buy a certain set of products for their business purposes. Magento quick order extension is built to capture that unique buying behavior of B2B customers/wholesalers, help them save time from browsing the site and easily get the order with large quantity of products ready in just few minutes.

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