A front-end only, state-full, application to display future topics for hosted on github pages.

The purpose of the app is to collect feedback through votes from Magento 2 developers on which issues they would like to learn more about.
It uses some interesting technologies and was fun to create.

The topics are stored as issues for a public github repository.

The app fetches the issue list and reactions from the github API and stores them in the browser local storage. They then are rendered using react, and styled using the materializecss responsive framework.

The list of topics is updated automatically only if an issue changed using conditional HTTP requests. This way the rate limit for the anonymous usage of the github API is not reached.

It took 6 hours for the initial development and then another 6 hours of additional tweaks.


Mage2 TV 1 year ago

Mage2 TV is a custom built website for a Magento Developer Screencasts subscription service.

"Build your own understanding and offer help where you can" .

Contributing to the future of Magento front-end, Magento PWA Studio, as an active member of the Magento Research PWA Studio Github team. Contributing code and documentation, and helping developers who get started by responding to Github issues. 3 years ago

Website is based on Rails + React.js

A WIP on the Magento 2.3 PWA Gatsby.js static frontend

Built from the ground up, along with the infrastructure deployed on AWS.

Project parts worked on:

  • Dashboard UI - Ruby on Rails, React.js
  • Designed architecture for AWS
  • CloudFormation scripts for AWS
  • Data migration from another analytics service
MondoConvenienza 2 years ago

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Website for italian company Mondo Convenienza in the furniture world. Full website development with CRM / PIM interface and full custom ReactJS checkout procedure.

Carrier marketplace for ShipperHQ

Description: Marketplace allows customers to install and configure carriers in an intuitive way

Projects parts worked on:

  • Frontend - React.js, Ruby on Rails
  • Backend - Ruby on Rails
  • Custom form engine which allows defining dynamic forms with conditional behavior using YML


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