Magedashboard 4 years ago

Realtime stats and reports for your Magento store.

Exchange A Blade came to us because they needed a team to manage their PPC account. Their business goals were to increase awareness of their service, get more customers signed up to their newsletter, promote local dealers and help customers find vendors.

We identified who their customers were, the keywords they used and the web resources they spent their time on. Goal completions have steadily increased from Feb 2017 to Sept 2017 by 116%. The cost per lead has dropped by 54%.

The module will listen for any product price change and it will report it to a list of email address each 24h. The bespoken module was used to keep updated the physical shops with the new prices.

The report included several other information like the time of the change and the user who applied the change.

Reporting Swap Module 4 years ago

This module is for M1 to allow the store owner to connect to a separate database when generating reports. Every report that is under the Reports menu can then pull directly from a replica database to generate reports reducing the load on the main database.

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