MEEVO HealthCare GmbH 7 months ago is an online shop for selling medical supplies. MEEVO sells over 100k products. Several products have more than 6000 configurable variants. The infrastructure is built in AWS. Its all autoscaling and high available.

Magento2 CMS API 2 years ago

Magento 2 like Magento 1 comes with an inbuilt rest api system. This system will allow you to do a multitude of things including, but not limited to: product manipulation, cms page and block manipulation, checkout and search.

For the purpose of this article I will focus on the cms part and in particular creating and editing cms pages. Though more detailed information on all the rest api calls can be found on DevDocs. The outcome of this article is to demonstrate how it would be possible to add and edit cms pages via a rest api built into Magento 2.

I am making the assumption that you have the following:

  • An installed version of Magento 2 (I am using version 2.1.2),
  • Your Magento instance is running on the url http://www.mage2.devbox
  • A client to test api like SOAPUI,

NOTE: to access the rest api you need to call your local url, in our case http://www.mage2.devbox, with the url /rest

I've integrated Cart2Quote with Capsule CRM. Converting the Quote to a Capsule Opportunity. The integration is done with Capsule REST API.

Envia Mi Compra 11 months ago

A hole system integrated with many api to track package from EEUU to Uruguay and Paraguay. Very complex site. Integrated payment and shipping methods custom and a lot of custom work is an IR 500 company with a large customer base. I custom developed the initial eCommerce site in 2006 based on Microsoft Active Server page and SQL technology. The business grew rapidly and the site eventually outgrew this technology stack. In 2012 we began developing our first Magento eCommerce site and the full project was handled by myself in-house using Enterprise Edition. ran on Magento EE from 2013 to 2017 and I was responsible for all development work, integration's, management of hosting infrastructure, security, regular updates to new versions etc.

In 2016 we took the decision to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus to reduce the technology stack costs which had become prohibitive. The Shopify Plus template design was outsourced to an agency but the majority of the development and integration work was done in house. I also custom developed API integration tools to migrate over million's of records of orders, customers and data from Magento to Shopify using the Shopify API's. I am involved in the day to day management, devops and running of the site.

In order to support Chalkfly's mobile app, they needed to extend Magento's REST functionality. I provided an additional 20 endpoints to fit their custom requirements.

Developed REST API to build native android & iOS app.

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