Projects 6 years ago

Website is based on Rails + React.js

Verlene’s is a platform that includes a marketplace for beauty professionals who can sell and schedule their service for customers and an e-commerce store of beauty products.

We developed an unique p2p marketplace solution for local food experience. People who visit a new place can get local food experience by visiting authentic places. Solution allows to browse all hosts, specify dates and make online reservations with payments.

Built from the ground up, along with the infrastructure deployed on AWS.

Project parts worked on:

  • Dashboard UI - Ruby on Rails, React.js
  • Designed architecture for AWS
  • CloudFormation scripts for AWS
  • Data migration from another analytics service

Carrier marketplace for ShipperHQ

Description: Marketplace allows customers to install and configure carriers in an intuitive way

Projects parts worked on:

  • Frontend - React.js, Ruby on Rails
  • Backend - Ruby on Rails
  • Custom form engine which allows defining dynamic forms with conditional behavior using YML
Fba Suppport 3 years ago

This is a Amazon Affiliate web app, which help Amazon sellers to find the profitable products and manage the sales instead of complicated Excel working. I've built this website by Ruby on Rails and React JS. is an IR 500 company with a large customer base. I custom developed the initial eCommerce site in 2006 based on Microsoft Active Server page and SQL technology. The business grew rapidly and the site eventually outgrew this technology stack. In 2012 we began developing our first Magento eCommerce site and the full project was handled by myself in-house using Enterprise Edition. ran on Magento EE from 2013 to 2017 and I was responsible for all development work, integration's, management of hosting infrastructure, security, regular updates to new versions etc.

In 2016 we took the decision to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus to reduce the technology stack costs which had become prohibitive. The Shopify Plus template design was outsourced to an agency but the majority of the development and integration work was done in house. I also custom developed API integration tools to migrate over million's of records of orders, customers and data from Magento to Shopify using the Shopify API's. I am involved in the day to day management, devops and running of the site.

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