Point Of Sale System For Magento: It refers to a system where the merchant can create the order from his physical store using the POS and the order will be generated in the Magento. The Basic feature of the POS system for Magento is to create the order in front of the customer so that customer can purchase the goods from his/her physical store as well as from his/her online eCommerce store. With the help of this module, merchants can manage their inventory and customers. And the most important thing is that they can easily manage their day-to-day transactions without any hassle. This module is a powerful tool to manage the sales and revenue. Admin can also set up the physical store along with the online Magento store.


Admin can easily manage the inventory and sales

Easy transaction process

Admin can create more users to operate the POS system

Admin can view the sale reports of the respective users

It also works in offline mode or in poor internet connection.

Admin can manage the customers’ data.

Real time synchronization.

Sales report and analytics.

Employee management.

Admin can manage both the store inventory (offline & online) with this single module.

To know more please click on the below button and explore the POS system Demo.

This extension for Magento 2 helps to boost sales and loyalty with the power of discounts.

Store owners can attract new customers and get more repeat business by launching promotions.

Technically speaking, this module extends the default rule-based promotions of Magento by providing new rules like Free Gift.

Also, this module provides many additional cart rule conditions based on customer & sales history-related attributes.

Hence, the store owner can target different types of customers whether they are new, old, loyal or just newsletter subscribers with lucrative offers.

TestPilot is a full service design and development company which has been building prototypes and ready-to-market products for MasterCard and its clients (for example: Barclaycard, Citi, President’s Choice, UniCredit) in which I have the following tasks: ● identifying and cultivating strategic business partnership s in order to generate revenue and build sustainable business lines ● planning and meeting of the deadlines while identifying opportunities for the optimization of value proposition for existing partners through direct interactions ● translating broad goals into achievable steps by analyzing partner performance

Cold emailing 3 years ago

Generated leads by cold emailing with results up to 70% open rate, 25% reply rate, 5% meeting book rate.


Peak Design contacted Cortex to take their Magento e-commerce platform to the next level, in order to optimize their customer experience and sales, show their products through a smooth web experience.

Cortex’s mission was then to step up within an existing project to help Peak Design’s team to reach their objectives through solid, game-changing features. Key elements included a product review page and an affiliate module.


Cortex moved quickly to understand the business objectives. Proactive suggestions, proper coms and rock-solid work were at the core of this project managed with little oversight and resulting into an incremental 15% in sales.

Built extension that will setup products in Magento, Inventory sync from SAP, Posting orders to SAP and Shipping Information back to the Magento. Also, returns and cancellation order synchronization with SAP. It also includes customization based on store pickup on checkout, store credit option on checkout


  • Magento 2.3
  • MSI suitable

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