Patched CE 1.8 Site 30 hours 4 months ago

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I was approached by a client who had received a notice from their host because their site had been breached and as part of the breach phishing pages were hosted on their server. As part of the engagement I cleaned up malware off the site, did a detailed audit of the code and made sure it was all clean. I also introduced additional security measures like http auth for admin pages, IP based SSH restrictions, key based ssh auth, database cleanup.

I would be responsible for applying security patches for many of the enterprise clients at my agency, which is a silver Magento partner.

After Magento's SUPEE-6788 patch some functionality has been deprecated. Learn how to improve your extensions and make your code resilient to new updates.

Performed full Security Audit, identified and removed malicious code and entry points. Improved security by moving to a hardened custom AWS environment and got store whitelisted within 2 days. Setup version controlled multi-developer workflow with Github.

Magento Enterprise Upgrade 65 hours 1 year ago

Rescued outdated Magento 1.10 EE site from overpriced and underperforming Hosting setup. Upgraded to latest version, applying patches and improved search engine with Sphinx.

Rescued site from inadequate hosting an support, performed core audit and repairs, installed security patches, migrated to new hosting environment and adapted Magento 1.9 RWD theme for custom implementation.

  • Solved a widely discussed and unsolved core Magento bug in which a high traffic website would crash, leaving only an error page until the cache was flushed.
  • Solution was a single line fix, and was proven with tests.
  • Solution was taken by Magento, and has been distributed as patch SUPEE-4755
  • Solution was taken by Magento, and included in and higher.


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