Using Magento2 Marketplace Seller Groups module, the store owner can easily offer various membership plans to the sellers for adding the products to the marketplace. The sellers need to buy the membership plans for adding the product to the marketplace. This way the admin can charge a fee from the sellers as per the membership plan the sellers have purchased.

The admin can create unlimited seller groups with different fees and benefits. The module enables much easier management and creation of seller groups for all type of sellers. On the front-end, separate page to show membership packages with different fees, duration, and benefits for sellers. The sellers can view details of each package before purchasing the most suitable one.

The module enables the admin to easily create recurring subscription type seller groups. The seller will make payment using PayPal from the seller account if the selected group is recurring subscription type.

The admin can even create the non-recurring subscription ie; one-time membership type seller groups. The seller will purchase the subscription just like any of the web store products if the selected group is One-time membership.

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