Shipping Availability Check For Magento 2 is a solution to set your own shipping rates according to distance. It can show shipping rates by entering pin code or location.

Shipping Availability Check module allows the users to find out the availability of products using the zip codes. It is very important to know that the product which the user is about to order can really be delivered to its address or not. With the help of this module, the user can find out the product shipping availability very easily.

The zip codes can be entered on the product page itself, the users don’t require to do the checkout process in order to find out the shipping availability. The admin can add multiple regions and assign these regions to a product from the back-end very easily.

The users can enter their delivery zip code on the product page for checking the product availability. After entering the zip code, a small message will appear as Product is available/not available at (entered zip code).

If a product is available for the entered zip code, the user can go ahead and buy the product. But, if the product is not available for the entered zip code, the user can then look for another product from the store which is available for the same zip code.

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