PostNL 5 years ago

Before i started freelancing, i used to work at TIG, an e-commerce agency. Here we got the order to build an extension for PostNL, a shipping carrier. This is the biggest shipping carrier within The Netherlands. There where a lot of requests for this extension before we even started building, so we knew it was going to be used a lot. As a project lead i required from my team that they invested enough time in building a robost extension. We added unit and integration testing, which where triggered in Travis for continuous integration. Also the code styling was enforced. We use the highest level of the Marketplace EQP CodeSniffer rules.

Paczka w RUCHu is logistics service based in Poland. The module provides shipping method.

Development of module for Magento 2 framework. Requirements were to integrate a local courier delivery services company API to allow customers select the best shipping option to them. Had to develop structure to allow admins manage the different methods that the courier offers.

This one of the last projects that we done, the client asked to install and modify a theme, asked for integration for one payment method, one shipping method and whit their ERP. The shipping method was developed from the scratch as the integration with the ERP.

Yamato Shipping 5 years ago

This will allow Magento 2 users to use Yamato Transport as shipping Method. This extension provide different shipping rate based on product condition: cool, frozen and normal

Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates by Meetanshi offers to create an unlimited number of shipping methods with different shipping rates based on product weight, quantity, price and shipping address.

Effective shipping process management is a part and parcel of ideal Magento 2 store. However the default Magento 2 does not offer the feature to create multiple custom shipping rates. Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates extension. It enables creating unlimited custom shipping methods based on product price, quantity, destination, and weight.

With Shipping Table Rates for Magento 2, offer multiple shipping options as well as show the estimated delivery date and time with each shipping method!

Calculate accurate shipping charges based on shipping address, product weight, price and quantity before defining shipping table rates through CSV file. It results in better customer experience in the Magento 2 store! Everything with Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates.

Benefits of Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates:

• Create any number of custom shipping methods on the basis of the shipping address, product weight, price, and quantity.
• Ability to define table rates in bulk through uploading CSV having shipping rates.
• Show the estimated delivery date and time with every shipping method.
• Option to calculate shipping rates in the flat rate or in percentage.
• Option to assign shipping rates for particular product types and groups.
• The extension allows assigning minimum or maximum shipping rates based on the combination of destination, price, weight, or quantity.
• With shipping table rates extension, assign minimum or maximum rates to apply shipping charges to the entire order having more than one product.
• Option to not include virtual products from shipping rates calculations.
• Allows the merchants to write a custom name method to the lists of its shipping method. 
• Easy to set shipment priority. 
• Option to delete existing rates while uploading new rates via CSV.
• To enable shipping rate with Table Rate Shipping in Magento 2, the admin can select store views or customer groups. 
• Option to define in which countries or areas, these shipping methods are available.
• It is also possible to create rates based on a delivery address, order subtotal, weight, and price. 
• Allows the merchants to display the error message when shipping methods of the carrier are not available to customers. 
• Allows creating rates that work with numeric and string type zip codes.
• Option to exclude free shipping items from shipping methods.
• Allows the merchants to use the prices after discounts are applied for rate generation.
• Option to select which prices should be used for the generation of rates that include tax/VAT or without tax/VAT. 
• Restrict the use of only one shipping type for a shipping method.

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Separate flat shipping rate for each product!

Finding difficulty in different flat shipping rates for each product? We have come with Magento 2 extension to solve your problem with shipping rates. The extension provides you the facility to charge individual flat rate shipping for each product. Moreover, it allows you to set default rate to charge when individual shipping per product is not specified.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Shipping per Product Extension:

  1. Set individual flat rate shipping charges for each store product. The shipping expense incurred to the store may vary from item to item. The extension will be useful to handle this situation.

  2. Option to specify default shipping rate to apply when individual products are not assigned individual shipping charge. To apply the general minimal charge of shipping for regular products you don’t need to specify it exclusively. Just set them to default using the default option of the extension.

  3. Option to set custom title and shipping method name for display of this shipping method in the frontend. Use this extension feature to let your customers take the facilities about the different shipping method for which they are charged. For example shipping per product.

  4. Select allowed countries to enable shipping per product. Simple as the heading states, only allow shipping per product for the countries you want.

  5. Set default error message for the unavailability of this shipping method to users. If you are unable to provide shipping per product to users and you don’t want to be rude in denying it, just set a polite error message using this feature of Shipping per Product extension.

So don’t rely on shipping calculators for your shipping charges and try this Magento 2 extension now!

This one of the last projects that we done, the client asked to install and modify a theme, asked for integration for one payment method, one shipping method and whit their ERP. The shipping method was developed from the scratch as the integration with the ERP.

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