For online retailers, there are a wide choice of eCommerce platforms to choose from, with varying benefits and functionality. At the mid-level end of the market, the pot gets much smaller, with a relatively low number of platforms offering the levels of functionality, security and scalability that £1m – £20m turnover clients typically require. In this article, we take a look at two of the primary options in the mid-level eCommerce marketplace, Magento Enterprise Edition and Shopify Plus, to see how they compare against one another.

This custom returns portal provides advanced rules and logic for calculating refunds, replacements, etc. It also generates return shipping labels based on the lowest possible rate across multiple providers. There is a full backend receiving, customer service, and reporting system.

This system allows custom gift cards to be sent, bypassing Shopify's native gift card product. This custom system enables gift messages, bounced gift card recovery, notifies the sender when the recipient opens the gift card, and more.

Mia Beauty 3 years ago

Managed Magento eCommerce webstores for Mia Beauty and all sister companies. Developed on Magento Commerce platform. 1 year ago

Customization and maintenance on, as part of a long-term retainer.

Petsy ecommerce 4 years ago

As former CTO at Petsy our team migrated successfully from Shopify to Magento 1.8, developed too many extensions and customized 3rd party ones. We worked with Conekta, Payback, Todito Pagos, Mercado Pago, Mercado Libre, Linio, Amazon, PayPal obviusly, GTM, G Product Feeds, and with Nexcess as our hosting solution.

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