Shopify App to display inventory information for multiple locations.

Lookbook Shopify App is a magical tool to create multiple image collections for your products basing on the images you upload. We’ve recently released our Lookbook App. It’s now officially available at Shopify App Store. Get it

Social Proof 3 years ago

Boost conversions with live sales notifications on online stores.

Social Proof is a must-have app for every store Purchase motivation Make customers feel urgent when they find that their preferred items have been purchased by others. Therefore, they will make the purchase decisions quickly.

A busy store with frequent orders Sales notifications at stores draw a picture of a busy business where the orders of customers are happening frequently.

Effectively convert visitors into buyers Sales popups act as social proof and create the FOMO (fear of missing out) for visitors. Therefore, it is much easier to turn them into buyers.

Revamped an existing Shopify theme by implementing mega-menu, building more customizable sections of admin theme editor using liquid, product page performance, UI/UX improvement with applying multiple meta fields for extra product information, and created several Shopify Scripts with Ruby including Spend at least $X, Get $Y off, Add Free Item To Cart, customer tag assign automation and more.

Shopify Tumbler Store 2 years ago

Built a Shopify Tumbler store with an existing theme and customized. And built a custom app with php working with Recharge and deployed it to heroku.

AVADA Sales Pop 3 years ago

About AVADA Sales Pop Why Sales Pop is Must-have? Motivate customers to make purchase decision quickly Make your store look busy with continuous orders/ add-to-cart activities A great tool to convert visitors into buyers Suggest preferred products to shoppers Beautify your store site with colorful and lively sales-pop Sales Pop Highlight Features Advanced popup Support 3 types of notification popups: Purchase, Add-to-cart and Custom

Purchase notification Record the sales occurring at the store, showing who has bought a certain product recently. This popup type works as a product suggestion and raises customers’ concerns. Especially, it shows that your store’s sales performance looks good.

Add-to-cart notification Record the add-to-cart activities at the store, showing how many customers adding a certain item to their carts recently. Such notification makes customers feel more urgent to add their preferred items to carts. Besides, it supports a new store to look busy while it has no sales temporarily.

Custom notification Support sample CSV files to download, edit and import the custom sales pop file. This is the most flexible sales pop type.

Flexible design and layout Quickly select ready-to-use layouts or customize as you wish Easy to create sales-pop messages. Variables are supported Other customizable elements: Color, Font type, Border, Animation effects, etc. Time schedule Specify display duration, interval time, maximum display times of a popup Advanced targeting Geo-targeting: display to visitors from different countries Page targeting: Hide/ Show to certain pages Position targeting: Hide/ Show at a certain position on a page Product targeting: Show all popups related to the product which a customer is viewing Device responsive Sales pops display responsively on various device: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Sales Pop Full Feature List Three types of sales pop: Purchase (Order), Add-to-cart and Custom Preview all pop-ups via the Notification grid at the backend. Able to bulk delete. Ready-to-use sales pop layout Easy to customize all design elements: Color, Font types, Border, Shadow, Heading decoration, Hover, Animation effects, Sound effect, etc. Custom CSS is supported. Show/ Hide close button, time ago Highly customizable popup content, with variables supported Apply sales pop to all or certain countries Show/ Hide to specific pages, specific positions (on Desktop or Mobile) Set display time: display duration, interval time, maximum display times of a popup. Various display strategies: Replay all popup list, Continue after page load, Based on product view

PDF Invoice Benefits Attractive Billing Documents With some simple steps, the templates of PDF Invoice, PDF Order, PDF Refund and PDF Packing Slip are created easily.

Ready to Use Invoice Templates Easy to edit the available templates with the reviewing function. Mistakes will be avoided before the template launches

Simple to Download and Print Invoice Templates It is very easy to download the PDF billing documents and print them quickly with some clicks.

AVADA PDF Invoice 3 years ago

AVADA (MAGEPLAZA) IS TRUSTED BY 40K MERCHANTS GLOBAL More professional Buyers take after-sale service more seriously than we think. Invoices, apart from being a means of logging important information about the order, represent how professionally an online store works. Hence, a well-designed PDF invoice keeps buyers feel safe about trading activities on the store.

More convenient for buyers Besides making it easier for buyers to track the order information in the form of an invoice, the PDF Invoice app allows shoppers to download, save in their devices and print the document out for various purposes. Instead of asking the store admin to send the PDF billing documents manually, the generating and sending process is automatic which makes so much convenience to both sides.

Cut down admin’s workload As already mentioned, the admin’s workload may increase massively if every time a customer asks for a PDF invoice, he has to create one again and send it through manually. This can also cause unwanted mistakes during the process.

Easily Create Unlimited PDF Templates Pre-made templates for 4 types of billing documents are ready to be implemented from the admin configuration. These PDF templates include:

Invoice Refund Order Packing Slips With each document, there’re various available templates which you can implement by only some simple clicks. Hence, the store admin can actually edit these pre-made templates, change the whole template or create a completely new one with ease.

PDF Invoice / Order Printer Full Feature List The admin can upload/delete/change company logo appearing in the Order Printer templates The admin can set up the default company info (address, VAT no., phone no., email contact, and registered number,...) in the PDF templates. Allow/disallow viewing order on the online store Setting printing button labels for all templates Easily create a new template with Liquid Easily change a template’s style Preview a template Search, sort, show available templates Able to edit available templates easily 2-step configuration to create a text link and a link to insert to the email notification Detailed instruction to set up an automated printer inserted to the email Search and view PDF billing documents (invoices, orders, refunds, packing slips) Download the PDF templates / Order Printer Templates from their dashboards Download the PDF templates from their transactional emails

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