Integrate Twilio in your Magento Store - SMS Notification on Order details to Customers & also send excited offers Keep your customers posted with SMS Send Order Status / Product Status to customers via SMS Excite them with new offers and coupons and inform them via Twilio SMS Helps Admins to retain customers and stay connected with them

Magento SMS Notification extension by Meetanshi lets admin notify customers about their Magento store activities via SMS.

Usually SMS is preferred over Emails due to its higher response rate, read rate and easy access to mobile phones over internet connectivity! Keeping this in mind, Meetanshi developed Magento SMS Notification extension for Magento stores that allows notifying customers and admin updates via SMS text.

Magento SMS Notification is a tool helpful in improving the user experience if the store. The customer can be notified via SMS about activities such as order placed, delievered, canceled or order statuses. Keep them updated with ease using the module.

Moreover, admin can use the Magento SMS extension for himself too! Get notified about customers' activities such as new registration, order placed, etc. with an SMS.

The Magento SMS Notification is compatible with Msg91 but it can be customized for more SMS gateways compatibility, Enhance user experience and ease the admin's task with the hep of the module.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento SMS Notification extension:

  • Notify customers via SMS during events such as website registration, order placement or cancellation, etc.

  • Admin can get notified via SMS of customers' activity by inputting the mobile number from backend.

  • Configure API settings by registering with Msg91 to get sender ID, API key and URL and select message type to be sent to customers.

  • Customize SMS text for various notifications such as order placement, order invoice, order cancellation, order shipment, credit memo generation, contact inquiry and website registrations. 

  • Make use of system variables like order_id, first_name, etc. to prepare SMS notification texts.

  • Use of default Magento registration and guest checkout form to collect mobile numbers of customers to send SMS.

  • Immediately after the mobile number is registered with Magento store, SMS notification is being sent for each activity.

  • Build trust and improve user experience by sending handy and quicker SMS notifications to users. 

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A single beep in the smart phones is enough to grab the attention of people at any time anywhere. This benefit of SMS has taken crucial place in Ecommerce as well. Store owners are digging deeper to make each service mobile friendly to provide better user experience. MageComp has come up with Magento 2 SMS Notification extension to notify customers for each order activity after their order placement to product delivery. This makes it so easy to reach customers in a personalized way and acknowledge them through SMS. Simply choose a preferable SMS gateway, get it integrated with our extension, install extension in you Magento and start notifying customers 24*7. Why choose Magecomp’s Magento 2 SMS Notification extension: • Using this extension you can notify your customers using text messages or sms on various Magento store events such as: o Website registration o Order placement o Order status update o Order cancellation o Order Shipment o Return order request o You can ask for more… • Using variable fields,you can easily prepare text notification messages for all events. • Even you can Specify character length of message and language for SMS. • One Time Password(OTP) facility for registration. • You can even set mobile verification mandatory for customers. • Set OTP length from backend. • Integrated our SMS Notification extension with following gateways, Ask Us for your preferred SMS gateway integration and seamlessly send SMS notifications to your customers. • Notification to admin on various activities like: o Contact form submission for inquiry o Website registration o New order placement o Return request for orders o Order shipment o You can ask for more!

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